Change of Date

Please be advised that due to the Baptist church needing our slot on the 16th of June we will be meeting one week later. The date of this meeting will now be the 23rd of June and not the 16th.

We are also going to be holding our 5th exhibition on the Willingham feast weekend which will be the 4th and 5th of October. You enter 2 photos, the 1st to be from one of our assignments from the past year and the 2nd to be any subject of your own choice. We will give you details of where to send your photos, and when the cut off date is, in the near future.

Finally, we are coming up to a change of the gang of 4. If you think you may be interested in helping to run your club for the next 6 months, then please talk to one of the current gang of 4 – who are Fred, Tony, Symon & Anita.

Kindest regards,


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