Exhibitions Gallery

We are now a regular part of the Willingham Feast celebrations. For our fourth year we changed venue to the Public Hall, and it was so successful that we have stayed there ever since. Here are the online galleries, as a reminder of the best work that the photo club can produce.

These pictures are available to purchase, printed to the size they were shown: 12 x 16 inches. Please email for details if you are interested.

  • Feast Exhibition 2010
Feast Exhibition 2015

The 2015 Willingham Feast Photographic Exhibition

Feast Exhibition 2014

The Fifth Annual Willingham Photo Club Exhibition

Feast Exhibition 2013

Willingham Feast 4th Annual Exhibition

Feast Exhibition 2012

Willingham Feast 3rd Annual Exhibition

Feast Exhibition 2011

The second annual exhibition as part of the Willingham Feast.

Feast Exhibition 2010

As part of the Willingham Feast we mounted an exhibition in the library.

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