Exhibition and November Meeting

Painting with Light

Meet at Playing Field near Bowls Club, if it is raining meet in the Church
■ Dress warm!
■ Bring kit in shoulder or backpack
■ Camera
■ 24-105mm lens
■ Tripod
■ Remote shutter release
■ Torch (Headset)

If you have a interesting torch please bring it along.

■ ISO400
■ F11 – good depth of field
■ 12secs –
■ Manual focusing – pre-focus
■ Try Av mode
■ Try Bulb and count!


■ ISO200
■ F16
■ 24 secs

George Fairbairn

Our thanks to George for an entertaining and instructive talk – and with next month’s subjects including “Album Covers” there is probably quite a lot of scope for putting into practice some of George’s composite photo techniques.

In case you missed it, his website is here and his Facebook page is here.

e-Luminate Field Trip

Here are details for those members who wish to photograph the e-Luminate Festival lights in Cambridge on the 15th February.

There are currently 16 members signed up to go, so to make the group manageable on our walk, and to reduce waiting time for everyone to get their shots, the group will be divided in to 3 smaller groups, escorted by Fred, Phil and myself, who will give advice where needed on camera settings, positions and venues.

We will meet outside the Round Church between 19:30 and 19:45, ready to start shooting no later than 20:00, starting at St John’s College, and moving up Trinity Street to The Senate House, King’s College and Chapel, the Guildhall and anywhere else that time permits.

Click on this link for the official e-Luminate website,

Getting there

The Park Street Car Park is only 5 minutes walk from the Round Church and costs 80p per hour after 5pm, pay on exit. If you wish, you can arrange car sharing between yourselves.
The Guided Bus ‘B’ service leaves from Longstanton at 18.43 or 19.13 and takes about 20 minutes to reach the Round Church stop (request stop). The return bus departs Drummer Street at 21:35 or 22.35, or from Jesus Lane (opposite Patisserie Valerie) about 3 minutes later.


DSLR and Mirror-less – bring a wide angle lens as the buildings are tall. I suggest prime lenses or a medium zoom of about 18mm-55mm. You will need to use an ISO of 800 or 1600 (maybe more).
Compact Camera and Phones
As you can’t change the lenses, we will give you the best settings and advice where we can.
bring one if you wish, as some of the longer distance shots will only have minimal light, and therefore low shutter speeds.
handy for changing camera settings in the dimly lit streets.


If it rains, I shall still be going with an umbrella and plastic bag to cover the camera!

If you decide not to attend for any reason, please send me a text or phone the number below, so we don’t wait around for your non-arrival!

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I look forward to seeing you all on the 15th.

Mr Francis J Pullen Photography
Wedding | Portraits | Corporate
07768 364 567

Photographing Landscapes

Last month, I forgot to upload Francis’ presentation on “Photographing Lansdcapes“.  Although we have now presented the assignment, and no doubt those who attended put the excellent advice to good use, here is a link to the PDF file of the presentation notes: Photographing Lansdcapes.

We have quite a library of presentations on the website and this page gathers them altogether. There is a link to to the Presentation Notes page under the “Pages” menu at the top of the site.

Thanks again to Francis and Stephen for their valuable and valued work.

January 2015

We had two presentations this evening – a practical and some theory.

First, Keith showed us some of the ingenious home-made rigs he has built to take high-speed photographs using mechanically triggered flashguns, followed by a bracing outdoor demonstration in the car park. Eggs and balloons were sacrificed in the name of art. You can download his presentation here: High speed photography, and see the photographs taken on the night:

Then, Francis gave a brief but thorough introduction to Textures, which you can read again in preparation for next month’s assignment.

Thanks to both for an entertaining and educational evening.

Change of Date

Please be advised that due to the Baptist church needing our slot on the 16th of June we will be meeting one week later. The date of this meeting will now be the 23rd of June and not the 16th.

We are also going to be holding our 5th exhibition on the Willingham feast weekend which will be the 4th and 5th of October. You enter 2 photos, the 1st to be from one of our assignments from the past year and the 2nd to be any subject of your own choice. We will give you details of where to send your photos, and when the cut off date is, in the near future.

Finally, we are coming up to a change of the gang of 4. If you think you may be interested in helping to run your club for the next 6 months, then please talk to one of the current gang of 4 – who are Fred, Tony, Symon & Anita.

Kindest regards,


Composition Rules

The notes from Francis’ presentation on Composition are sadly too large to post directly on the site, but can be downloaded from Google Drive via this link.

August Meeting

The subject for the August meeting is Sports and Recreation. Francis gave a short talk and if you missed it you can download his notes here. Thanks, Francis.

I also noticed this morning that Canon have just published the latest in their website tutorials – How To Guide: Action photography. A useful coincidence which you can read here.