Exhibition 2014

On behalf of the current gang of 4 I would like to thank everyone for their help and support in putting on this year’s exhibition. We have had quite a few people say they will come and try and out the club.

We have had 194 visitors and 5 dogs over the last 2 days.

I will be emailing Derek with the written comments people have made, so keep looking at our website.

Well done everyone,

And a huge thanks to you Anita and the Gang for organising and admin.

The standard of photos was so high the judging came down to very fine points of technique and composition. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone for displaying your work, it all made for s great exhibition.

Best regards
Mr Francis J Pullen

Well said, Francis, many thanks to all involved in making it such a great exhibition. Much evidence of lots of planning, practical help, creativity, display manufacture and donation of time and enthusiasm! Great stuff.


Dear Photo Club

Just to say thank you for holding the exhibition again. The Feast continues to be a significant event in the village life and the photo exhibition has become a very important part of it.

Sadly, I didn’t get to see it as I didn’t get a free minute from early Saturday until now on Sunday afternoon. However, I did get a preview via the internet and I see the standard continues to improve.

With very best wishes
Mike Tidball

Madam Chair

I too would like to add my thanks to the gang of four for their efforts in organising yet another successful exhibition. As the current chair of WAG I am fully aware of the effort needed to make such events successful. I would also like to record the efforts of fellow members in producing a display of incredible quality. I was yet again “gob smacked” by the quality of the photos which get better year after year as recorded by many of the visitors to the exhibition. Alas this means we have to produce even better photos over the next year. For me not a problem, not because I am starting from a low level but as I know I will be helped by over 30 other members who are not only willing to share their experience and expertise but to do this in such a friendly atmosphere, and of course our two professional members who are so willing to help us improve. But beware Francis and Stephen; civilisation grows and improves as the students become the teachers. I am looking forward to becoming a professional photographer in a few years.

To end on a slightly personal note the overall organiser of the Feast is WAG (Willingham Action Group) as well as the community Orchard/woodland at the Old Rec, QEII field children’s area, tree planting throughout village, electrical recycling, “Its a Knockout” and more. We too need volunteers to organise and deliver the improvements sought by the village. If you are interested please come to the WAG executive/member meeting at the Octagon 19:30 8th October.


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