Photo Exhibition

The Exhibition seems to have been another great success, especially so as it was back in the library this year. Thanks to all who helped set it up, man it and take it down – and special thanks to Nita and Stephen for all their work printing and mounting the photographs and Colin for the titles.

I was reminded of a picture I took exactly three years ago today, when we were preparing for the first Exhibition. Stephen, Andrew, Jerry and I spent a long evening cutting the frames individually to size for each picture.

Sorry  you couldn’t see this exhibition too, Jerry.

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  1. From Nottingham

    What a delightful exhibition.
    Fabulous ‘action shots’ and beautiful ‘still lives’.
    Most enjoyable and well done to the talent!

  2. This was my first photo exhibition.
    I am very impressed with the fantastic range of photographs and the brilliant welcome and advise given to my daughter.
    Thank you.

  3. I thought the photographs absolutely stunning so please pass on our thanks to all the photographers. I hope they won’t mind me saying that in three years I think the photos have gone from good, to really good, to outstanding and I may be approaching some members to see if we can buy prints for our walls!

    Thanks again, only problem is what superlative can I find for the future!


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