Shaw’s Corner

Yesterday, I went down to Shaw’s Corner, the home of George Bernard Shaw, with my son-in-law who has been working there. I took some interior shots and this one, in the Museum Room, I thought might be of interest to our members.

It might provide some of us with encouragement and a true sense of our worth in the artistic scheme of things.

– Colin Brown


We would like to introduce ourselves, the new Gang of Four: Chris Talbet, Keith Tedstone, Chris Cross and Anita Salmon.

[List of Meetings and Subjects are in the calendar.]

We are hoping that there may be time during the second part of our meetings to have some technical instruction & advice from Stephen and Francis. If there is something you would like them to cover there is a questionnaire attached, please could you complete it and either email it to Anita (via or hand it to one of the current Gang of Four at the May meeting.

We are also trying to arrange a portrait session with a model, this will more than likely be on a Saturday. Date and venue to be confirmed.

Willingham Feast is in October, and as a Camera club we would like to run an exhibition. This will be our 3rd year of doing this. Last year the venue we used was Willingham school but we hope to use Willingham library again this year, as in our first exhibition.

As you can imagine this takes quite a lot of work behind the scenes: from cutting mount boards to collecting the display panels, also bodies on site during the 2 afternoons we will be open.  There will be a sign up list available closer to the feast.

This can only be a success with your help!

We ask that each member supply 2 photographs for the exhibition: 1 from the subjects we have covered as a club for the past year, the second a free choice. They need to be supplied by the 20th August (club meeting).

We need to get them printed, so please crop your photos to 12 x 16 inch at 240 DPI resolution. Bring your files along to the any meeting or email – please supply name, telephone number and email address.

Improve Your Photography

Thanks to Francis for his presentation about how to Improve your Photography by Using Simple Camera Settings and Techniques. For those who missed the meeting, or anybody who wants an on-screen version of the handouts, the PDF can be downloaded here.

March Meeting

Unfortunately, the Baptist Church remains unavailable for our March meeting. This is upsetting because we have already advertised the meeting as an introductory evening for new members. We are searching for a new venue, and will publicise it here (and at the door of the Baptist’s on Monday) as soon as we find one.

The assignment for April follows the introductory theme: take pictures with basic equipment – compact or phone cameras.

Adobe Lightroom Beta

For those of us interested in editing our photographs, maybe thinking of moving past Google’s excellent and free Picasa but not quite up to spending £550 for a copy of Photoshop, Adobe do have 2 more reasonably priced programs: Lightroom and Elements. These both have 30 day free trials, and are worth looking at.

Lightroom is currently on version 3, but version 4 is about to be released (in March) and until then you can download the Beta version for free here. That’s a great opportunity to play with it without spending any money.

Change of Plans

Unfortunately, the New Members Evening scheduled for February 20th has had to be postponed until March 19th because of building work at the Baptist Church.

We have yet to finalise revised plans for the February meeting. We will probably, of necessity, arrange some kind of Field Trip – possibly involving beer. Watch this site for updates.

Afghan Girl: Before & After

Last month, Adrian gave us a presentation on the work of professional photographer Steve McCurry. He is most famous for the National Geographic cover picture of a 12  year old young refugee in Afghanistan, known only as “Afghan Girl”, and memorable for her striking eyes as she stares at us from the image.

Tying in nicely with this month’s assignment is this article (from 2002) describing how she was finally tracked down. Here are the Before and After pictures which Steve McCurry took when he went back after 17 years for a new portrait:

Afghan Girl before and after

Photo File Names

We decided at the last meeting that it would be very useful when showing photographs if everybody names their files consistently.

The format is NAME TITLE NUMBER where TITLE is the assignment title:
e.g. John Smith Autumn Colours 1.jpg

We also thought that it would be simpler if the photos collected and shown at the meeting were posted to a gallery on the website by me. To keep things manageable, only your first 3 numbered photos will be added to the gallery – so bear that in mind when numbering.

If you don’t want some (or any) of your photographs on display, please indicate in the file name by adding NOSHOW or something similar after the number:
e.g. John Smith Autumn Colours 3 noshow.jpg