The current gang of four – Tony, Fred, Symon and Anita – have just finished a year of duty. As there were no offers of a new gang of four we are all willing to carry on for the next 6 months.

We had our group meeting to discus the next 6 months, both Francis and Stephen attended as well as Chris and Andrew. We hope that we have set you some interesting and challenging subjects. These may be tweaked a little as we have asked a couple of visitors to talk to us about their work.

Exhibition News
I’m sure you will all agree what a great exhibition we had this year. It was our 4th exhibition and the photos that were on display were a very high standard indeed. We have discussed having another exhibition in the spring – the dates we have set aside for this are April 12 & 13 2014.

Please give us your views on having a Spring Exhibition.

Field Trips and Workshops
We are currently looking into different field trips & workshops. We feel there is an opening here for another member of the club. It has been suggested that if we knew what was coming up in other villages/towns then we could organise our own field trip.

We are looking for a member who could research events and send them off to Derek who could put them onto our website. If this is something you may be interested in then please do talk to one of us.

A Few “Thank Yous”
We would like to thank you, the members, for supporting your club and contributing to each assignment.

A big thank you to Derek who updates our website and keeps it running; also to Colin who each month supplies the Willingham News with our subject of the month.

We would also like to say a very big thank you for the support and advice that Francis and Stephen gives each and every club member.

The events section shows the dates and subjects for the next six months. Please remember it’s your interpretation of the subjects, however abstract that might be.

Please may we also remind you that you should only supply 3 images for each subject matter, not forgetting to label them with your name, subject & number (1,2,3).

Our new print competition for 2014 is: Select a photograph from Google Images or Flickr, then recompose and photograph as your own. You must show the original & yours, 6×4 prints only.

We haven’t forgotten about our green screen photography, would you like this to be a non-club Monday night?


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