The current Gang of Four is Tony, Fred, Symon and Anita. We will be wearing committee badges once they have arrived to help new members identify us.

We had our group meeting to discuss the next 6 months, with both Francis and Stephen attending to give technical support on our ideas. We hope that you will agree with us that we have set some interesting and challenging subjects.

Symon has agreed to take on the role of Club Secretary, and will be updating both the Willingham News and the village website with our monthly assignments.

Exhibition News

It was agreed by all those present at our meeting that our 5th exhibition was a great success. The standard of photography this year caused Francis and Stephen a few headaches whilst judging our entries.

We discussed the exhibition for 2015 and agreed to run a children’s competition, opening it up to primary schools in our area. The logistics of this still need to be worked out, i.e. age groups, prizes, etc.

We also agreed that it would be helpful to have a couple of club sessions to help with getting your photos ready to exhibit, cutting mount board, etc. We would like to know your feedback on this…

Feast Weekend is usually the first weekend in October, and the exhibition is now an established part of the Feast.


In October we received a Community Chest Grant of £1000. This will be used for the purchase of our own projector in the new year. A very big thank you to Symon for the hard work of putting together the application paperwork for the grant.

Club Account Details

We currently have £1439.08 in our bank account. Rent is to be paid, 10 months from March 2014 to December 2014, of £200 – the rent is currently £20 per month. The balance is therefore £1239.08.

There are a few subs still to be collected. All costs for the exhibition have now been paid out.

Photographs for Assignments

Due to our membership now getting larger, we request that you limit yourselves to just 2 photos for each assignment set. Please remember to label them with your name, title of assignment and number 1 or 2.

See the Diary of upcoming events for future assignments

We are also introducing a suggestions box, this is for your use. We of the Gang of Four need other inspiration from time to time on what assignments, tutorials, workshops and field trips you might like to have in the club. This is your club – if there is anything you think that others might benefit from, then please don’t be shy and let us know! It can, of course, be anonymous.

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