Exhibition Comments

We thought the exhibition at the library was good, but we are biassed. Here’s what the visitors said in the comment book:

  • Nice photos, extremely good.
  • Very good photography – stimulating subjects – are they professionals?
  • Great photos!
  • Very nice to see the variety of photos!
  • A great display!  Brilliant photos – great to see
  • Thank you for your lovely display.
  • Brilliant photos, great display and variety.
  • So lovely to have an exhibition right on our doorstep!  Lots of lovely interesting photos on display – a great deal of talent on display.  May this be the first of many!
  • Absolutely brilliant photos.  I very much enjoyed the range of different styles and very high standard displayed.  Looking forward to coming along and trying it out for myself.
  • An impressive exhibition, a wide variety of subjects, good camera skills. I particularly liked the black mounts and the A3 size.
  • Gorgeous photos and such a variety of themes and styles.  As a camera geek, I’d have liked information on the cameras used for the shots as well as the photographer and title – just the icing on the cake, though.
  • Wonderful photos and what a good use of our library!
  • Impressed – can I join?
  • Wonderful photos well worth seeing.
  • Marvellous selection of beautiful photos. A very talented group!
  • Wonderful photos – such a varied selection.
  • The ones that grabbed me were the fox, En Vacance and the stacked stones. Lovely.
  • What an excellent and varied collection and what an impressive array of talent.
  • Wonderful – fantastic!

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