Exhibition Comments

Saturday 7th October 2023

12-5pm – Sunny and Slight Wind

69 people, 3 dogs.

  • Fabulous.
  • Great as always.
  • Fantastic displays. What a great selection of images. Excellent.
  • Stunning photos as always.
  • Excellent selection of photos.
  • Appreciates as always – a welcome addition to the calendar.
  • Very beautiful photos with a really nice and diverse selection. Thank you for sharing.
  • Very cool. I loved it. But one of them was blocky.
  • Too many good images to choose from. Great.
  • A wonderful display, diverse selection of photos – really interesting.
  • Very impressive – worth the journey from Milton Keynes.
  • Very good and impressive work – a lot of talented photographers.
  • Fantastic to see the high quality of work in the club.
  • Excellent work!
  • Beautiful work.
  • Lovely artwork – absolutely love the commended images.

Sunday 8th October 2023

10am – 4pm – Bright, sunny, unseasonably warm

54 people, 5 dogs.

  • Always a highlight of the feast weekend.
  • Brilliant as ever.
  • Fantastic.
  • Lovely to see the photo exhibition – wouldn’t be Willingham Feast without it. So many great images, difficult to choose. Just a thought – it would be great to know the location of the shots – the buzzard for example – is it the one that lives down Sponge Drove? Fab!
  • 1st class photos as always, wonderful! Would like them all to win.
  • Great set of photos as always. A very varied selection and a worthy winner.
  • Thanks for the annual show. Come most years. Keep up the great shows.
  • Great photos as usual.

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