Exhibition Comments

As ever, here are the comments from our exhibition comment book:

  • Great stop on our dog walk. Nice to see village exhibitions.
  • Fabulous photos! Very talented group of photographers.
  • Great pictures as usual. Well done!
  • High standard! Well done.
  • Some great photos! Fantastic.
  • Impressive! Such professionalism.
  • As always, amazing standard and variation.
  • Very diverse pictures and difficult to choose a favourite.
  • Fantastic photos!
  • Thanks to all, great exhibition!
  • Excellent and varied topics/subjects. Thank you.
  • Lovely, only came to High Street to get my papers.
  • Wow, just fantastic images. The club goes from strength to strength.
  • So imaginative, to have the gift of looking at something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.
  • Superb, thank you.
  • Fantastic! Excellent display of work!
  • Beautiful images! Well done.
  • Thank you for a superb show!
  • Enjoyed it as always. Hard to choose a favourite.
  • Every year I like to see the photo show. Thank you.
  • Thank you so much – some amazing photos!
  • Another year of great photos.

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