Exhibition Comments

Comments from this year’s exhibition.

Very informative thank you.

Beautiful display.

Some lovely photos.

Absolutely stunning works.

Really interesting – particularly liked the sunsets and the steam engine.

Inspiring thank you.

A very high standard of photography.

What a wonderful exhibition for a village club to have, well done.

Really interesting exhibition, we enjoyed it very much.

Beautifully displayed, with a wide variety.

Excellent, wide range.

Great mix of work and very interesting to hear about the club.

Great photos! I will definitely rejoin the club, you should organise exhibitions more often.

Very inspirational, has encouraged me to take more photos, thank you.

A lovely show of photos.

Fascinating and diverse range of photos, was a pleasure and an honour to see them.

An excellent display of photographs, very enjoyable viewing.

Such awesome talent in Willingham, amazing.

Beautiful work.

Didn’t think it could get any better than last year but shows how wrong I can be.

Very impressive.

Wow! What talent!

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