52 Week Photography Challenge

Do you want even more photographic inspiration than the monthly photo club assignments? Here’s an interesting year-long challenge for you:

Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge
Each week, the weekly challenge will be in one of 3 categories:

  • Story Telling: Good photographers can take beautiful images of something. Great photographers can tell a story with an image. In this category you will take a prompt and turn it into a photographic story.
  • Compositional Eye: In past challenges we have explored the rules of composition. This year we push the rules even further by using them in specific ways to train your compositional eye.
  • Inspiration: In this wide-open category, we start with a simple inspiration. Use this inspiration as creatively as you can. There are no rules so feel free to think outside of the box.

Centre Stage

Faruk has a show of his photographs of Cambridge Youth Opera at Espresso Library on East Road in Cambridge. The show is on until the 11th December, so do pop in if you are in the area.

The series of images is the culmination of three shows – Daphnis and Chloe (Offenbach), The Hiding Tree (Barnes), The Little Sweep (Britten) – working with the Cambridge Youth Opera attending rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances over a period of 20 months.

Exhibition Comments

As ever, here are the comments from our exhibition comment book:

  • Great stop on our dog walk. Nice to see village exhibitions.
  • Fabulous photos! Very talented group of photographers.
  • Great pictures as usual. Well done!
  • High standard! Well done.
  • Some great photos! Fantastic.
  • Impressive! Such professionalism.
  • As always, amazing standard and variation.
  • Very diverse pictures and difficult to choose a favourite.
  • Fantastic photos!
  • Thanks to all, great exhibition!
  • Excellent and varied topics/subjects. Thank you.
  • Lovely, only came to High Street to get my papers.
  • Wow, just fantastic images. The club goes from strength to strength.
  • So imaginative, to have the gift of looking at something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.
  • Superb, thank you.
  • Fantastic! Excellent display of work!
  • Beautiful images! Well done.
  • Thank you for a superb show!
  • Enjoyed it as always. Hard to choose a favourite.
  • Every year I like to see the photo show. Thank you.
  • Thank you so much – some amazing photos!
  • Another year of great photos.

Exhibition and November Meeting

Painting with Light

Meet at Playing Field near Bowls Club, if it is raining meet in the Church
■ Dress warm!
■ Bring kit in shoulder or backpack
■ Camera
■ 24-105mm lens
■ Tripod
■ Remote shutter release
■ Torch (Headset)

If you have a interesting torch please bring it along.

■ ISO400
■ F11 – good depth of field
■ 12secs –
■ Manual focusing – pre-focus
■ Try Av mode
■ Try Bulb and count!


■ ISO200
■ F16
■ 24 secs

Exhibition Weekend

The annual exhibition is at the Public Hall, High Street, Willingham

Saturday: Noon to 5pm
Sunday: 10:30am to 4:30pm

Admission Free!