2017 EyeEm Awards

More fabulous photos to inspire you.

Categories include Photographer of the Year, The Portaitist, The Great Outdoors, The Photojournalist and The Architect. See all the winners here.


The committee had their meeting just a couple of weeks ago. We discussed many items for the agenda, one of which was our green screen photo shot for the July meeting. There were many ideas from the members of images of background and what you would like to see our model doing, so we broke it down to about 4 or 5 shoots. I hope you will enjoy what we have set up for you to photograph. Phil will be available to download exhibition images and talk to members.

Welcome to Steve Harding who has joined our committee as our Willingham News press secretary. The other current committee members are:

Fred, Tony, Symon, Steve, Phil, Neil & Anita.

With both Francis and Stephen giving professional guidance.

August 21st

Exhibition work, Stephen will be available to download members’ images and talk to members about their images in one-on-one meetings. Whilst this is happening, there will be a work shop set up for members to experiment with. Please bring with you your cameras, flash equipment and tripods.

Summer time

We hope to be able to treat members to a trip to London. Date to be confirmed but it will be a Saturday or a Sunday. We will meet at Cambridge North railway station and travel via train and tube to different locations. The club will pay for transport, as a group ticket into the city. This will be during August, this means we will have to travel around London together.

We also hope to have a private viewing of Cattel’s windmill, again this is date to be confirmed.

September 18th

Sport and Action photos to view. Also photos taken at our August workshop and discussion. Final arrangements for exhibition.

October 7th & 8th

Photographic exhibition feast weekend.

October 16th

Presentation evening

November 20th

Raindrops & possibly guest speaker

December 18th

Christmas quiz, sharing of refreshments. Back by popular demand our fun filled quiz night with festive cheer.

January 15th

Can you guess what it is & photo critique

February 19th

Love  and then a talk on the ‘magic 3’

March 19th

Education (to be confirmed)

April 16th

Frozen in time (to be confirmed)

As we have said so many times before the subjects and evenings may be subject to change. It is one of the hardest things for the committee, to come up with assignments as well as work shops and demonstrations. I hope you all appreciate the time they give to the club.

The exhibition can not take place with out members’ help. We need your help to set up, run and take down the exhibition. Even if you can only spare an hour of your time. It’s your exhibition and the public love to talk to the members about their images and why you chose them. It is also where we gain new members for the club. It’s your exhibition: without your help we can not run it.

Don’t forget to see Fred after you have downloaded your images with either Phil or Stephen. He needs your information for the labels.

Finally, it is with a great deal of thought that both Stephen and I will be leaving the club in October after the presentation evening. Due to personal reasons, this will be our last club night for a while.

Stephen was one of the first members to join the club when it first started many years ago. Not long after, I joined so that Anne would not feel like the only female in the club. After which I joined the committee and then have been chair for the past few years. Over the years we have made many new friends within the club and have enjoyed many social events. We would both like to wish the continued success that the club has gained over the years. It is a great club for meeting like-minded people and enjoying the social aspect of friendships. We will miss our Monday nights.

This will leave an opening for a new committee member to fill, and also to join Francis as a professional critic. If you are interested in either of these posts or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to talk to one of the current committee members, or to Francis or Stephen.


Fen Gallop

It’s the Fen Gallop 10k and 4mile race on Sunday and the organisers are looking for photos of the race. Perhaps an opportunity for the camera club members?

They are expecting race entrants to break through the 500 barrier so it should be quite a big event…with lots of interesting photo opportunities; use a wide angle at the start to add drama to the image or pick off individual runners, absolutely shattered, with a long lens? The choice is yours!

The race starts at 10.20am on Sunday at the Rec although it’ll be kicking off 30 minutes before. The top athletes will be back before 11am!


We had our committee meeting about a month ago to sort out next year’s assignments. (These are now in the diary.) The current committee are happy to continue for the moment, however we are happy to invite anyone who wishes to join the team as a new member of the committee. The current gang are:

Fred, Phill, Symon, Tony, Neil and Anita.

The club finances are good, we currently have:

Bank       £1,168.28
Rent Due    -£240.00
Petty Cash    £36.65

The rent will be paid in the next few days, that’s the total rent for the year. We have decided to give a gift aid of £100 to WAG (Willingham Action Group) They have supported us for many years, with the exhibitions we run each year.

We hope to get other guest speakers in next year, there are a few possibilities we are looking into.

We are also looking at field trips for 2017 as well as workshops and social events.

Stephen reports that ‘Affinity Photo‘ has now been released for £40.