Afghan Girl: Before & After

Last month, Adrian gave us a presentation on the work of professional photographer Steve McCurry. He is most famous for the National Geographic cover picture of a 12  year old young refugee in Afghanistan, known only as “Afghan Girl”, and memorable for her striking eyes as she stares at us from the image.

Tying in nicely with this month’s assignment is this article (from 2002) describing how she was finally tracked down. Here are the Before and After pictures which Steve McCurry took when he went back after 17 years for a new portrait:

Afghan Girl before and after

Photo File Names

We decided at the last meeting that it would be very useful when showing photographs if everybody names their files consistently.

The format is NAME TITLE NUMBER where TITLE is the assignment title:
e.g. John Smith Autumn Colours 1.jpg

We also thought that it would be simpler if the photos collected and shown at the meeting were posted to a gallery on the website by me. To keep things manageable, only your first 3 numbered photos will be added to the gallery – so bear that in mind when numbering.

If you don’t want some (or any) of your photographs on display, please indicate in the file name by adding NOSHOW or something similar after the number:
e.g. John Smith Autumn Colours 3 noshow.jpg

Macro Photography

Francis has given me a tutorial on Macro Photography which you can download here. It is a 40MB file, so it could take a few seconds to download depending on your broadband. It is also password protected – but you should have received the password in an email from Chris.

Picture House YOUR STORY Competition

I thought I’d mention this, as it is relevant to last month’s documentary assignment. Picture House cinemas, including our very own Arts in Cambridge, are holding a photography competition:

Tell us YOUR STORY in 10 pictures, and you could see it presented on the big screen in all 19 Picturehouse cinemas, plus win a Kodak Zi8 pocket HD video camera!

Full details are available on their website.