Exhibition Comments

Saturday 7th October 2023

12-5pm – Sunny and Slight Wind

69 people, 3 dogs.

  • Fabulous.
  • Great as always.
  • Fantastic displays. What a great selection of images. Excellent.
  • Stunning photos as always.
  • Excellent selection of photos.
  • Appreciates as always – a welcome addition to the calendar.
  • Very beautiful photos with a really nice and diverse selection. Thank you for sharing.
  • Very cool. I loved it. But one of them was blocky.
  • Too many good images to choose from. Great.
  • A wonderful display, diverse selection of photos – really interesting.
  • Very impressive – worth the journey from Milton Keynes.
  • Very good and impressive work – a lot of talented photographers.
  • Fantastic to see the high quality of work in the club.
  • Excellent work!
  • Beautiful work.
  • Lovely artwork – absolutely love the commended images.

Sunday 8th October 2023

10am – 4pm – Bright, sunny, unseasonably warm

54 people, 5 dogs.

  • Always a highlight of the feast weekend.
  • Brilliant as ever.
  • Fantastic.
  • Lovely to see the photo exhibition – wouldn’t be Willingham Feast without it. So many great images, difficult to choose. Just a thought – it would be great to know the location of the shots – the buzzard for example – is it the one that lives down Sponge Drove? Fab!
  • 1st class photos as always, wonderful! Would like them all to win.
  • Great set of photos as always. A very varied selection and a worthy winner.
  • Thanks for the annual show. Come most years. Keep up the great shows.
  • Great photos as usual.

Exhibition Submissions 2023

Submit two images, taken between July 2022 and July 2023 – one from the club assignments and one of your choosing. The cutoff date is 21st August and any arriving after that time unfortunately cannot be included.

The image details for the Exhibition are:

  • size: 18×12 inches (which is a 3×2 crop)
  • resolution: 300dpi

The aperture in the mount is sized 17.5×11.5, allowing the print to be taped to the mount without it falling through, so please make sure there are no essential image details outside these parameters.

Please upload your images to this Google Drive 2023 Exhibition Folder. Each image should be titled with your name and add an ‘A’ for the Assignment version.

Could you please email your photograph details, picture title, location if applicable, camera, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focal length to:


and add an ‘A’ to the details of the assignment photograph.

New Life on the Old West photo competition

“A great way to appreciate the natural beauty around is to take photographs. NLOW have launched a photography competition to encourage you to share your experiences with wildlife and out and about in the Cambridgeshire fens.”

The competition is open to everyone – just make sure that the images are taken within the NLOW geographical area, which includes RSPB Ouse Fen and National Trust Wicken Fen. The closing date is 31st August 2023

Full details here.

Galleries Working Again

Apologies for the long delay getting your monthly photo submissions onto the site. There were tedious technical troubles which have finally been overcome.

All the assignments (except for the last) are now available in the Assignments Gallery. Also, the photos from the last two Exhibitions are in the Exhibitions Gallery.

Have a browse, and let me know if you there are any missing or mislabelled images.

Exhibition 2022

Our Annual Exhibition is coming around again. So, it’s time to sort out your images, one photo from the photo assignments back to July 2021 and one of your choice.

The image details for the Exhibition are size 18×12, which is a 3×2 crop and at 300dpi resolution.

Each image should be titled with your name and add an ‘A’ for the Assignment version.

The aperture in the mount is sized 17.5×11.5, allowing the print to be taped to the mount without it falling through, so make sure there are no essential details in your image is outside this size.

Photos should be uploaded to:

Virtual Assignments

Whilst we are all keeping apart and meetings are suspended, it seems the photographer in us all still wants to take and share assignments.

So I have set up a shared Google Drive for you to post your assignment images. I will add these to the usual gallery on the website as I receive them.

Please rename the files before you upload them with your name and the assignment title.

The link is distressingly long, but a single click will get you there:

Once there, you should be able to drag and drop your photo files. I’m not sure how well this will work from a mobile or tablet. Suck it and see.